Viajante 87

Hot new bar opening in Nottinghill

This week sees the opening of Viajante 87, a new sister site to the highly regarded Los Mochis just a few doors away in Nottinghill.

The aim is to make Viajante 87 one of the world’s must-visit bar destinations. The ambition, values and focus were interesting enough to attract one of the world’s finest bartenders, Panos Kanatsoulis, from sun-kissed Greece to the grey drizzle of London.

Why did you choose to make the move from Greece to London?

It’s a project that fuses together my two favourite places in the world Mexico and Japan with the freedom to experiment with all the latest techniques in cocktail making. We are also stocking over 200 agave spirits and I love agave so this opportunity was perfect for me 🙂

What will Viajante 87 be like?

It’s a cocktail-led venue with 120 covers serving bite-size dishes to complement the drinks. This is the reverse of Los Mochis which is a restaurant serving drinks.

Open from 5 pm until 12 pm Tuesday to Thursday and until 2 am Fridays and Saturdays we will focus on the signature menu early evening and build the energy and style of service until the early hours, it will be a fun bar to visit.

Tell us more about the signature menu...

Viajante means traveller, and whether you are travelling to work or travelling the world you will always encounter the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind and space so I’ve used these elements to organise the list.

For example you will find La Rosalita in our Earth list. A mezcal/tequila twist on the negroni using horseradish and beetroot diluted with a redistillation of clay and water. Earth root vegetables with the inclusion of the earth material of clay.

In the Fire section we have the Smoky Monastery, a twist on the Paloma using mezcal. The smoke you expect from heat is coming from the Mezcal combined with homemade cordial from Japanese Sancho berries and Tepache, a common soft drink in Mexico made from naturally fermented pineapples.

You've been very successful in your career including World Class winner for Greece in 2017. Do you have an ethos for life?

If you have passion you have everything. It gives you focus, energy, a desire to achieve. You need to find your passion.

For me it’s hospitality, caring for your guests, give them love, let them leave happy.

Is there anything else you do to help yourself?

Exercise. It clears my mind it helps my creativity and gives me focus.

And finally is their a bar in the world you would recommend people to visit?

That’s easy, Viajante 87.

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