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Refreshing Cocktails for the August Heatwave

Beat the heat and enjoy some cool refreshing drinks in the secluded charm of Bedford Square Gardens this weekend

The weather forecast is looking hot, hot, hot for our August edition so we have pulled together a list of refreshing drinks to enjoy this weekend at Cocktails In The City.

Whether you like sizzling in the sun or playing it cool in the shade, Bedford Square Gardens is an oasis of leafy charm in central London with a beautiful natural tree top canopy complemented with our stunning Bedouin stretch tents.

Which of these refreshing summer cocktails will you be enjoying this weekend?

This combination of fresh passion fruit and vanilla is sure to put them in the running for most popular cocktail again this August.

40ml Ocho Blanco, 15ml Axia Dry Mastika Spirit, 12.5ml vanilla, 12.5ml passion fruit

A coffee cognac frappe from one of the best bars in London, yes please!

35ml Hennessy VS Cognac, 60ml cold brew hazelnut and cumin infusion, 20ml coconut water.

Everyone knows a nice cup of tea is refreshing on a hot day so imagine what this will do, served over ice with earl grey cold brew and orange wine!

30ml Espolòn Blanco Tequila, 10ml fino sherry, 10ml orange wine, 20ml fresh lemon, 40ml Earl Grey cold brew, 3 dashes Lapsang Souchong bitters, 20ml demerara sugar.

SAOCO PUNCH- created by Laki Kane

Created by Tiki escapism bar Laki Kane, this punch served in coconut has been freezer chilled to make sure the drink is cold and delicious when trickling down your throat!

This was the most popular cocktail at our July edition and is returning in August.

50ml Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 11Y.O, 10ml coconut rum liqueur, 10ml tangerine sherbet, 20ml fresh lime, 15ml passion fruit syrup, 20ml pressed apple, 50ml caramel tea, bitters

This clarified milk punch is packed with tropical fruit flavours but with the silkiness of mouthfeel you expect with a milk punch. Created by Coupette one of the worlds most highly regarded bars.

30ml Belvedere Vodka, 20ml sour strawberry cordial, 10ml mango liqueur, 50ml mango juice, 50ml milk, 20ml lemon juice

Flavour specialists Silverleaf are well known in industry circles for their focus on bringing out clean and pure flavours with interesting combinations and this drink is the perfect summer sipper.

50ml Martin Miller’s Westbourne infused with marigold flower, 20ml lacto-fermented passion fruit cordial, 2d orange bitters

The Paloma is the trending cocktail of summer 22 and we have a few different variations on this simple Mexican classic from a number of bars. Competitive socialising specialists London Shuffle Club have added a touch of bittersweet with Aperol and agave to round off this perfect summertime sipper. 40ml el Jimador Tequila, 15ml Aperol, 50ml grapefruit juice, 20ml lime, 15ml agave , grapefruit bitters , Top London Essence Pink Grapefruit Soda.

We were fascinated to hear how Arcade Bar (and indeed all the bars in the highly successful JKS Group) make every cordial, shrub and flavour enhancer in their own bars to ensure completely unique and authentic recipes. This seemingly simply cocktail involves a huge amount of work behind the scenes to create a drink packed with flavour.

65 ml Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’ redistilled with preserved lemon, saffron, elderflower and mint, 10ml fresh lemon, 75ml London Essence Crafted Lemonade.