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Cocktails at SOMA

We talk cocktails with Kricket and SOMA’s head of beverage Will Rogers

SOMA is a very welcome addition to the revitalised SOHO cocktail scene and comes courtesy of the team behind Kricket, located on 12 Denman Street. The industry has been raving about the creative drinks menu and the atmospheric interior and this bar should definitely be on your bucket list this year.


A few people might not know this but....

Previous to SOMA becoming SOMA it was a Japanese hostess bar, I tried going in a few times but was denied entry, “only Japanese businessmen allowed.” To pay homage to the old venue we have a very good Japanese whisky selection, we have kept the original “Code of Conduct” posters we found as well as the security, Hassan, who you need to be on your side to get into SOMA on a busy night.

Is there a unique flavour or ingredient you are using in the SOMA cocktail list that people might not be familiar with?

Quite a few, with the concept of this menu and the bar itself being closely tied to India and other parts of Asia we use some really interesting ingredients from Amchoor (spiced mango powder) to Chaat masala as well as mint water and curry leaf.

Is there a drink on the menu you are particularly excited by?

I love clarified drinks, stripping out any of the solids from the drink to make a clear and refined version. “Chai” is a great example of this, we take Kricket’s famous chai, strip out the fat from the condensed milk and create a boozed up version with rum. And when shaken properly you get a beautiful light foam on top.

Which bars inspire you in London?

I’ve always been a fan of “Untitled” in Dalston, very cool, great drinks and with more of a minimal feel. And I must say The Bar with Shapes for a Name….or whatever it’s exactly called are doing some really interesting things with there drinks.

Is there an interesting cocktail you would recommend for people to make at home?

That’s a tough one, all of our “SOMA classics” use quite a few technical aspects in the preparation. Off menu I would say a margarita, but swap the tequila for decent mezcal!

Favourite cocktail book?

Death and Co, visually its a beautiful book and it covers the basics brilliantly.

And finally what would you most like people to say about SOMA?

That they want to return!