Yeni Raki

Yeni Raki launches in the UK

It’s Time for the UK to experience raki with a thoroughly British twist as Yeni Raki 1937, the world’s most well-known and widely sold raki brand, brings its expertly crafted grape spirits to UK shores, now available on Amazon.

With a rich history that spans 500 years, Yeni Raki 1937 is an Anatolian 45% aniseed-flavoured grape alcohol. Although the production process and distinct liquorice taste is comparable to Italy’s sambuca, raki is expertly distilled from carefully selected grapes and raisins to produce suma. The resulting suma is then redistilled with aniseed to produce raki.

Drinking raki is the ultimate symbol of sharing, connecting, love and friendship; consuming it is a sacred but never solo act. Whether enjoyed with family around an intimate mezze table (a cultural staple in the Med) or indulged in as a luxurious cocktail for nighttime revellers, raki brings people together. It’s Time to connect with loved ones to celebrate, commiserate or conversate.

Now It’s Time for the UK market to experience raki as Yeni Raki unveils an exciting brand refresh and a line of unique raki-infused cocktails. As part of its UK launch campaign, which aims to connect UK drinkers with the traditions of raki, Yeni Raki will partner with many home-grown hospitality brands across the summer with the first being Soho’s Hovarda for London’s legendary ‘Cocktails in the City’ event.

From Thursday, 6th July 2023 to Saturday, 8th July 2023, the nation’s favourite hospitality outlets and spirits brands will battle it out to be crowned the best cocktail and bar at this prestigious event.

Set to shake up the competition will be Yeni Raki’s three signature cocktails using classic ‘Yeni Raki 1937’ and the brand’s craft variation ‘Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme.’ First on the menu is the ‘Raki Elixir’, a subtle and delicious pear and vanilla concoction that perfectly balances the initial aniseed notes with a light and smooth aftertaste. Staying true to the garden party theme is the cool and refreshing ‘Basil Sour Dem’ with cucumber, basil and Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme. Finally, the ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion’, balances the sweetness with just the right kick. For those not drinking alcohol, the ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion Virgin’ will be an equally delicious booze-free mocktail.

Win a host of prizes

For each Yeni Raki signature cocktail you enjoy, spin the ‘Spirit to Win It’ wheel to win exclusive prizes. Leave a review on the Blade app to receive a complimentary cocktail at Hovarda.

When It’s Time for a snack, join us for free hourly Raki and Mezze tastings to be taken on a culinary journey through Yeni Raki’s rich history while testing out the perfect food pairings… but be quick as places at this complimentary mezze table will be highly prized!

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