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The Blue Bar

The Legendary Space

Nestled within The Berkeley, the renowned Blue Bar, a creation of the late designer David Collins, ushers in the summer season with an array of exciting updates. This iconic venue is not merely a bar but an experience, offering inventive cocktails, delectable bar snacks, revamped interiors, and late-night DJ vinyl sessions.

A Scene of Distinction

Two decades ago, in October 2000, the Blue Bar emerged as a groundbreaking entity, gracing the hospitality scene with an extraordinary ambiance. Its vivid blue hue, meticulously crafted from 50 shades of blue, made it a trendsetter for hotel bars. It became a rendezvous for the fashionable crowd, marrying exquisite drinks with captivating hospitality.

Harmonious Melodies

Music resonates in the bar’s core. It was a haunt for entertainment royalty, hosting Madonna regularly and curating legendary CD compilations encompassing world music, jazz, and deep house. Madonna’s exclusive mix of ‘Music’ was a crown jewel in these compilations, rare and exquisite.

Cocktail Revelations

The cocktail lineup, titled ‘Blue Move,’ presents unique creations. ‘I’m Blue,’ a disco-inspired drink, captures the team’s vibrant energy. ‘Mirror Martini’ pays homage to the iconic mirrors. ‘Side by Side,’ a peachy tequila delight, and ‘Roadrunner,’ a tribute to Mexican ingredients, showcase the bar’s diverse range. Post-dinner coffee cravings find solace in ‘Nitromisu,’ a chocolatey coffee concoction.

Grooves and Ambiance

The glass pavilion transforms into an exclusive vinyl hub, hosting DJs’ vinyl-only sets. State-of-the-art decks and a blue tassel backdrop create a moody setting for music, dance, and late-night conversations. Bespoke Blue Bar candles by Rachel Vosper add a sensory dimension, enveloping the space in a captivating aroma.
The Blue Bar at The Berkeley remains an emblem of sophistication and innovation, intertwining legacy with modernity to create an enchanting atmosphere where indulgence knows no bounds.