The Black Parrot Bar

about the bar

Black Parrot celebrates the diversity of culture found across the Caribbean, and in the last few years, the world, with a unique collection of rare, exclusive, eclectic sippable rums.

Currently, Black Parrot boasts 742 rums from across the world, including countries such as Barbados, Jamaica, Haiti, Seychelles, Cuba, Panama, Scotland, Portugal, and Vietnam. Their selection is truly comprehensive, encompassing rums from everywhere imaginable.

In the past year, Black Parrot has shifted its focus to celebrating British distilleries, as rum is experiencing a transformative shift in the UK. With rum currently being the fastest growing spirit in the country, Black Parrot aims to educate its guests on what makes rum the most diverse spirit in the world.

The bespoke cocktail list at Black Parrot is a true reflection of the rich diversity of art, culture, flora, fauna, and the environments in which sugar cane grows. From tall, fun, and frivolous concoctions to short and punchy delights, their cocktails cater to every taste. While they do offer classics, they prefer to provide each guest with a unique creation, tailored to their individual preferences. In addition, Black Parrot hosts Rum Masterclasses, guiding guests through the history and diversity of this extraordinary spirit.

For Cocktails in the City, Black Parrot has partnered with DropWorks, the UK’s largest purpose-built rum distillery located in Nottingham. DropWorks has pioneered a new and distinctive British genre of Rum, one that prioritizes transparency, diversity, and quality. Because, at the end of the day, those are the aspects that truly matter. And of course, having fun along the way 😉

Join Black Parrot on a rum-fueled adventure, where you’ll discover a world of extraordinary flavors and a celebration of cultures. Immerse yourself in the remarkable collection of rums, savor bespoke cocktails crafted with care, and indulge in the knowledge shared during their Rum Masterclasses. Black Parrot is where the spirit of rum comes alive, promising a memorable experience that will leave you craving more. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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