Opium Chinatown & Lucy Wong

Experience flavours of the Orient while embarking on a journey of discovery

The Breakfast Group’s award-winning, Top 50 Cocktail Bar, Opium Chinatown and brand-new Sister site, Lucy Wong, offer two incredible Asian inspired drinking experiences in the heart of London. Influenced by Chinese culture spanning from 1920’s Shanghai, to 1950’s Hong Kong, Opium Chinatown’s and Lucy Wong’s expert mixologists and bartenders incorporate their experience in handcrafting sensational, Asian inspired cocktails, while the atmosphere and intertwined stories of each venue offers guests an unforgettable journey of discovery.


Renowned for its two-floor cocktail parlour comprised of three Oriental themed bars that serve a myriad of tantalising and imaginative cocktails, Opium Chinatown can be found hidden behind the illusive jade door on Gerrard Street, Chinatown.

A staple to London’s drinking scene for the past 10 years, the award-winning, Top 50 Cocktail Bar, dotes a 1920’s Shanghai theme with a speakeasy feel that transports you back in time.


As you head up the ambiently lit, winding staircase, you’ll firstly find Apothecary, where the vibrant jade coloured, striking red topped bar is adorned with Chinese medicinal bottles. Inclusive of a Tea Parlour, the Asian inspired space dotes a traditional selection of Asian furnishings and ornaments to enhance the illicit speakeasy experience, while serving a hand-crafted selection of signature cocktails that incorporate molecular mixology, such as their famous Opium no.9.

On the same floor as Apothecary, tucked away behind a descending staircase and velour red curtain, sits Peony, and intimate bar room popular for its intriguing maze-like skylight and dimmed, candle-lit ambience. Heavily displaying timeless Chinese ornaments from a vast collection of teapots to secretive chests, the bar displays a premium selection of spirits, inclusive of an impressive selection of Asian brands that build magical, creative cocktails such as Twinkle Star.

Heading back up the stairs to the top floor of their parlour, guests enter Attic with Academy Bar hidden adjacent. The Attic space brings brightness and warmth to the otherwise dark and ambient venue, offering an ‘At-Home’ feel as though you’ve visited a relative. Adorned by low style, lounge seating and coffee style tables, surrounded by cultural artworks and old Chinese photography, Attic is one of the most relaxing and nostalgic hidden rooms in London to sip cocktails. Served from Academy Bar, their menu displays an eclectic variety of cocktails created by their master mixologist, inclusive of their signature Mind the Gap, that offers a nod to London.

There’s a drink for everyone at Opium Chinatown to experience flavours of the Orient, and across each of the three mesmerising bars, their master mixologists craft an exceptional range of classic and signature cocktails, using a variety of spirits and techniques to further offer an invigorative range of tipples that incorporate scientist elements such as using liquid nitrogen, fire, foams and mists and more.


New to the world of Asian cocktail bars in London, Lucy Wong’s timeless opulence adds a new experience to the bar scene in Fitzrovia.

Head deep underground the bustling city streets via the New York style steel staircase and through the Chinese wooden archway, to experience first-hand the World of Lucy Wong.


Inspired by the beautifully written love story ‘A World of Suzie Wong’ by Richard Mason and its 1950’s Hong Kong setting, guests can transport themselves back in time as Lucy Wong encompasses traditional Chinese elements to their venue while incorporating modern twists to create a luxurious yet intimate space with a relaxed, timeless Chinese feel.

Comprised of a selection of stylish, Asian inspired spaces, such as Lucy’s Gallery adorned with custom paintings and tapestries and Lucy’s Lounge, one of London’s suavest drinking lounges comprised of low velour armchairs, cosy chaise lounges and rich, dark furnishings, guests can sip and savour their fine selection of Asian inspired tipples inside the underground bar space.

Experience flavours of the Orient through their impressive stock of Asian spirit brands and cocktail serves, leading with a signature and classic cocktail menu handcrafted by award-winning Mixologist, Dré Masso. Intriguing cocktails from their menu of 8 signatures include the Shanghai 75, renowned for its striking blue colour, the Dragon Old Fashioned, and Kowloon Krush, served here at Cocktails in the City. Their strong selection of 25 classic cocktails includes lesser-known favourites such as the Manhattan via Hong Kong, Vieux Carré.

Open until the early hours, the late-night cocktail bar further adorns a hidden Courtyard space, transpiring the glamour decors of Lucy Wong’s interiors outside. Juxtaposing the stunning pastel colours of the custom wallpaper and booth style seating with the dark wooden furnishings, this is the perfect outdoor space for cocktails in the city this summer.

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