Burlock & Fam Bar

Sister venues, Burlock & Fam Bar, are joining forces to offer guests at Cocktails in the City an exciting cocktail experience. Both bars, nestled away on Duke Street, are the epitome of a hidden gem for drinking in London, where focus lies on serving some of the finest signature and creative cocktails the city has to offer.


Experience a rum haven hidden deep beneath the streets of central London, our renowned Rum Room and Basement Bar, widely known for its extensive range of over 200+ varieties of rum & 1920’s Havana allure, offers an unparalleled rum experience. A hidden gem to the cocktail community while frequently visited by rum enthusiasts alike, our menu offers a diverse range of signature and classic rum cocktail concoctions, with unmatched atmosphere created through our selected house DJs and incredible Carnival Dancers.

London’s Hidden Rum Oasis

Beneath the bustling streets of London hides our quirky 1920’s Havana themed, speakeasy-style bar, where rum takes the spotlight. Dark and moody yet ambiently lit by warm candlelight, our venue combines vintage prints with cosy Caribbean style furnishings and decor, alongside one of London’s hottest hidden drinking corners, our retro Sipping Salon.

Hand-crafted by our renowned rum-ologists, our cocktail menu hosts 12 strong signature rum cocktails for guests to sip and savour. Customer favourites that highlight both creativity and flavour include the Burlock Barrel, Cane Hopper, and tropical Hala Khaliki Coup. Classic Favourites that no Rum Room would be complete without, include a humble selection of Daiquiris and the traditional Mai Tai.

For those that appreciate rum in its finest form… NEAT! Our bar stocks over 200+ of the world’s most infamous brands of rum for the connoisseurs to taste a tipple or two, on the rocks, or with their favourite mixers, and if that wasn’t enough, bi-weekly Rum Tasting Sessions and monthly takeover nights with the most rum-believable brands in the industry.


Hidden in plain sight, a short walk from Bond Street station, Fam Bar boasts an intimate yet intriguing space, where both creative signature and classic cocktails take the fore.

A One-of-a-Kind Drinking Destination

Focused on serving the finest possible versions of high-quality cocktail classics alongside a creative, flavoursome selection of curated Signature serves, FAM Bar showcases a menu that caters to every palette. FAM favourites include the Streets of Pattaya for those that love a cocktail with a spicy kick, Utah Grizzly for the bourbon based cocktail connoisseurs, and our twist on a classic, the Fam Margarita, serving 12 signatures in total. Classics served in traditional style include the striking Clover Club, popular Palona and lesser-known Penicillin, from our menu of 10 infamous classics.

Doting a modern retro vibe across the space through the likes of vintage vinyl records and memorabilia, alongside the sleek marble top bar framed with a strong selection of spirits, everyone is welcomed by our warming team that make you feel like FAM-ily.

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