Alcohol Free at CITC Summer Edition

Drinking less and drinking better is the mantra of the connoisseur imbiber and what about a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail occasionally? Guests to CITC Summer Edition will be able to order fantastic 0% abv drinks from every bar - here is a small selection of ones to look out for.....

The Innocent Pleasure - Rumpus Room

35ml homemade cherry and raspberry syrup*

20ml Fresh grapefruit juice

20ml fresh lemon juice

1/2 egg white

50ml Seedlip Spice

Touch of Soda to Top.

California Here We Come - The Hide Bar

20ml Agave Syrup

15ml Lime Juice

30ml Orange Juice

Pinch of Salt

Topped with ginger ale.

Raspberry Cobbler by Cocktail Trading Company




Hint of ginger


Sobrio Margarita by Hixter

70ml Birch Water

25ml Fresh Lime Juice

10ml Sugar Syrup

Served in a coupette with half salt rim

Posted on July 12, 2017 Category Cocktails