Street Food Market at #CITCLDS

A street food market in the crypt of Leeds Town Hall on 6 & 7 April

The Cocktails of CITC Leeds 2017

Check out all the cocktails available at Cocktails in The City Leeds on 6 & 7 April.

Rum Makes The World Go Round

From rum punches to daiquiris with a twist, here are the tropical cocktails to order at Cocktails in The City Leeds on 6 & 7 April.

Blend Your Own Rum Punch

With a Duppy Punch in hand and armed with a bowl and ladle, you’ll create and mix up your own signature punch recipe to take away and enjoy.
Create your own gin with Sacred Distillers Events

The 28 Cocktails of CITC London 2017

The 28 cocktails of Cocktails in The City London 2017

Gin drinks

A short compendium of beautiful gin drinks available at Cocktails in the City this coming spring.

The Nordic Alliance

We thought it made sense to introduce our guests to some of the leading Scandinavian Bars at CITC London.

The Drinks of Bermondsey Street

Here is a summary of the drinks you can enjoy from the Bermondsey crowd